The Co-Designing Publics Research Network is a project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (Grant Ref: AH/V008390/) and hosted by the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

It aims to bring together a mix of academics, activists and practitioners to discuss and debate discourses from scholarly research, grassroots activism, and design ideas for future action. We are a global network with a sustained focus on the public realm and its production through informal strategies in cities of the global south. As cities are increasingly confronted by multiple crises [e.g. Covid-19 pandemic, climate crisis] and conditions of precarity [e.g. urban inequality, inadequate public infrastructure], such circumstances call for more interactive, collaborative and creative approaches for [re]designing their public realm.

The research network integrates discussions of 3 critical and interrelated phenomena: creative ways of mobilising communities around common concerns and desires [co-designing publics], deployment of grassroots tactics and social innovations [informal strategies], and production of spatial networks of public spaces intertwined with their ongoing governance [public realm]. Contextually grounding these discussions in cities of the global south enables us to learn how innovative practices operate around issues such as homelessness and affordable housing, sustainable and equitable energy systems, waste management, cooperative models of property ownership, the promotion and protection of human rights, and the production of peace in contexts of violence.

Co-Designing Publics International Symposium

September 16 – 17, 2021

This is the third and final event of the Co-Designing Publics Research Network. We invite activists, practitioners and academics working and experimenting with design in the public realm to join us for the event.

The symposium will bring together our team, project partners and special guest speakers to discuss emerging themes for research and practice on co-designing publics.

We will offer simultaneous translation into Spanish throughout the event.


[ES] Este es el tercer y último evento del Co-Designing Publics Research Network. El evento está dirigido a activistas, practicantes y académicos que trabajen y experimenten en temas de diseño y de lo público.

El simposio reunirá al equipo de trabajo, a las organizaciones asociadas y a invitados especiales, para debatir temas emergentes en la investigación y la práctica del co-diseño de lo público.

Ofreceremos el servicio de traducción simultánea al español durante el evento.